Beyond Bigots and Snowflakes

In this series of short videos (free and publicly available), Ilana introduces many of the concepts that shape her work. These videos are part of her effort to provide opportunities for people to engage with one another on sensitive topics in a productive manner. If you find them useful, please share. And, of course, please reach out with any comments, thoughts, or concerns.

All the videos are linked on YouTube here. They can be watched in any order (although there is an introduction and a conclusion). They cover topics including:

  • Building Community Through Viewpoint Diversity​

  • The Problem of Unintentionally Treating Beliefs as Facts

  • The Problem of Excessive Social Penalties​

  • The Problem of Telling People to Stay in Their Lane​

  • The Problem of Relying of Science to Bridge Divides​

  • Putting the Lessons into Practice

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