Bigots and Snowflakes

Beyond Bigots and Snowflakes videos

Beyond Bigots and Snowflakes: Discussion Questions and Classroom Activities

They can be watched in any order (although there is an introduction and a conclusion). They cover topics including:

  • Building Community Through Viewpoint Diversity​

  • The Problem of Unintentionally Treating Beliefs as Facts

  • The Problem of Excessive Social Penalties​

  • The Problem of Telling People to Stay in Their Lane​

  • The Problem of Relying of Science to Bridge Divides​

  • Putting the Lessons into Practice

Bigots and Snowflakes syllabus



"This course has been an outstanding exploration of the dichotomy between bigots and snowflakes and between extremes of the political spectrum as well as, and possibly more importantly, the middle and the grey areas. My biggest takeaways...are the importance of humility and admitting when you do not know something, the importance of diversity of opinions and ideas (especially when those ideas are contrary to mainstream thought), and a reinforced understanding that nothing is quite as black and white as it is often made out to be."

—Joseph Kreiling, student in Bigots & Snowflakes class