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I provide workshops, targeted problem-solving, and other specialized services designed to fit your needs. I work with employees at all levels, including the C-Suite.
My broad focus is on improving communicating across political and ideological differences. This includes:
  • examining how we think about bias
  • thinking about how we understand others' motives
  • and recognizing differences in worldviews that underpin many of our disagreements on sensitive topics.
We will talk through:
  • the importance of humility and not assuming intent
  • the power of asking questions
  • and our collective reliance on building and maintaining long-term relationships.

I have deep experience in teaching difficult and sensitive topics from a diverse range of perspectives. I help students understand the lens through which they see the world. This gives me a skill set that is uniquely tailored to carry out this work.
Opening workplaces to a wider range of perspectives can bring benefits including higher productivity through improved communication, lower turnover, stronger networks and relationships, and the avoidance of groupthink. This is in addition to a broader benefit of promoting these goals: Building a stronger society in which we are more able to communicate across divides.
​More information on each is available below. Please contact me with any questions.

Half-Day Workshop

The half-day workshop is a four-hour, interactive session. We begin by identifying the differences that participants see as most salient. From there, we take a step back. I lead participants to a broader understanding of where those differences come from, describing the contours, and talking openly about why acknowledging them matters.
More specifically, we begin by discussing how variation in the way we understand the world shapes political differences downstream. Recognizing these core points of divergence is crucial to reshaping conversation and opening the channels of communication.
A concrete example of how these differences can sometimes manifest is in how we think about and understand concepts of fairness and bias. Depending on your needs and the dynamics of your group, I use a mixture of group discussion, small group work, and role-playing to bring the scenarios to life. In the end, participants come away with an appreciation for the importance of humility and of not assuming intent on the part of someone else, the power of asking questions, and the way these play into building and maintaining of long-term relationships.

Individualized Solutions

In this model, I work with you and your organization to devise a strategy that fits your needs and your specific challenge areas. This project could range from a commitment of a few hours to a few weeks.
While this is not an exhaustive list: If the problem you're facing can be traced to working and communicating across diverse perspectives, if you're trying to shift your workplace climate towards one that is more open and accepting of diverse perspectives, if your employees feel like they're walking on eggshells, or if there are conflicts or tension about what is or isn't acceptable to say, I can help you.
It's difficult to outline all the different ways this might go, but it could involve a review of the types of bias-related complaints that Human Resources department and managers receive. That information can often provide valuable insight into the types of communication-related breakdowns that occur.