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A Comprehensive Diversity Training Program

Value Proposition

  • Mounting evidence suggests that the current diversity training models do not have the desired effects and may even be counterproductive. One of the main reasons for this is the pervasive assumption that there is only one “right” way— endorsed by the facilitator—to view the world. 

  • The successful workplace is one where co-workers:

    • Have a broad foundation of respect for differences in all their forms

    • Recognize that there are things they still have in common—whether it’s a shared set of goals or a shared sense of purpose.

  • The balance between these two leads to higher productivity, higher job satisfaction, and lower employee turnover. Getting there requires the ability to be truly open to engagement with people with different backgrounds and points of view. 


  • Four hour program that builds a truly inclusive climate. Topics covered include:

    • What does a truly inclusive workplace look like?

    • Why don’t we all think alike and what kinds of differences matter?

    • Differences you can see 

    • Bringing your whole self to work

    • Differences you can’t see
    • Why are these so hard to navigate?

    • What rules should we have for communication to create a truly inclusive climate?

    • When to do when interactions go sideways—how to balance intent and feelings

    • How do we apply these lessons?

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"This course has been an outstanding exploration of the dichotomy between bigots and snowflakes and between extremes of the political spectrum as well as, and possibly more importantly, the middle and the grey areas. My biggest takeaways...are the importance of humility and admitting when you do not know something, the importance of diversity of opinions and ideas (especially when those ideas are contrary to mainstream thought), and a reinforced understanding that nothing is quite as black and white as it is often made out to be."

—Joseph Kreiling, student in Bigots & Snowflakes class

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