A New Equilibrium

The Path to Open Communication

Value Proposition


  • Do you:

    • worry that your employees feel they're walking on eggshells?

    • wish that you knew how to navigate the line between intent and feelings in difficult interactions?

    • wish you had a way to get your workforce to communicate across political and ideological differences?

  • You’ve done the hard work of assembling the best, the brightest, and the most promising workforce. You need them to perform at the top of their game. We can help.


Parents and caregivers

  • Many schools have adopted a particularly narrow ideological approach to education, learning, and social interactions. Do you wish you could engage constructively with your child's school about your concerns regarding these matters? We can help.


  • Three-hour program that empowers and engages with the following questions:

    • Why do we need to welcome a diverse range of perspectives? Why does it matter for business and community-building?

    • How and why do we need to differentiate between facts and beliefs in order to build this environment?

    • What role do social penalties play in regulating how we communicate and where are the lines?

    • What is the role of identity in communication on difficult topics?

    • How do we apply these lessons?


  • We work intensively with you in groups or one on one so you can practice both initiating conversations and responding to others in a way that's constructive and productive.


  • Three-hour workshop (online)

  • Four-hour workshop (in-person)

  • Non-profit rates available

  • Please use the contact form below (or email info@diverseperspectivesconsulting.com) for more information.


"This course has been an outstanding exploration of the dichotomy between bigots and snowflakes and between extremes of the political spectrum as well as, and possibly more importantly, the middle and the grey areas. My biggest takeaways...are the importance of humility and admitting when you do not know something, the importance of diversity of opinions and ideas (especially when those ideas are contrary to mainstream thought), and a reinforced understanding that nothing is quite as black and white as it is often made out to be."

—Joseph Kreiling, student in Bigots & Snowflakes class

We'd love to discuss how we can help.
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